We provide advice and guidance as you plan a custom home or a large-scale renovation or remodeling project.

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Save Time

We provide you a thorough understanding of the building process, allowing you to efficiently navigate from concept to contract, avoiding missteps that often lead to time-consuming corrections

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Save Money

Residential construction projects are complex, requiring coordinated interaction between numerous players. The many moving parts present ample opportunity for waste, inefficiency, and error – all of which cost money. Leveraging our extensive experience in building, we help you prevent these common pitfalls.

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Minimize Frustration

By creating realistic expectations and steering you through each phase of a project, we help deliver a positive experience and desired outcome. When issues arise (as they always do), maintaining clear and open communication between all parties is vital to righting the ship. Recognizing potential problems and understanding which resolutions are reasonable allows us to navigate successfully through most any challenge.

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Project Types

  • Tuckahoe Creek’s knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and respect for their client’s costs are truly exceptional.

    Cindy and Bob Proctor