By advising you throughout the construction process from preliminary feasibility through design, specifications, and contractor selection, we empower you to prioritize those drivers most important to you and your project. In short, we give you the tools required to ensure a successful outcome.


Guiding you through the process from preliminary feasibility assessment through selecting the right designer and contractor most suitable for your job, our goal is to tee up your project in such a way that the process is more enjoyable, and the outcome exceeds your expectations.

Feasibility Assessment

Because every project has its own unique conditions, we evaluate as soon as possible those that might pose special challenges or even threaten to derail the project.






Proper planning from the start (architect vs. draftsman, contractor selection, contract type, cost projection, etc.) gives you the best chance at an enjoyable process and successful execution.

Project Vision

Due Diligence

Contract Types

Partner Identification

Document Review

Any large-scale project involves a great deal of documentation beyond plans and contracts. We help clients navigate these important elements, where attention to detail is paramount.



Estimates and Bids


Construction Draw Review

Having an objective third party review pay applications for accuracy and fairness eases clients’ anxiety and helps ensure the project is being funded appropriately.

Site Visits

Upon request, we visit clients’ sites throughout the construction process to ensure all is going as should be expected.


Rarely in construction does everything go exactly as anticipated. While a good contractor and a reasonable client should be able to work through most issues that arise, sometimes a third party can play a constructive role or unearth new solutions.

What We Don’t Do

  • Detailed estimating
  • Construction supervision/quality control
  • Forensic evaluation & expert testimony
  • Try to be all things to everybody

While we strive to offer a broad array of assistance, we are mindful that we need to provide value to your overall project. Certain tasks are better left to others who are either already engaged in the process or have unique skill sets that we do not. We will always seek to make a positive contribution to the final outcome, either by assisting directly, making a referral, or simply getting out of the way.

  • We would highly recommend Tuckahoe Creek Construction to anyone considering new construction, an addition or renovations. Their ability to seamlessly integrate our new, outdoor living space and renovations with the features and challenges inherent with an older home was remarkable. When you work with Tuckahoe Creek Construction, you experience professionalism, attention to detail, resourcefulness and an outstanding quality of workmanship. They were a pleasure to work with and to have in our home.

    Melinda and Bill Hardy

  • Tuckahoe Creek is always my first recommendation to anyone for a building project… whole house or addition.

    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Carey

  • I would recommend without reservation Tuckahoe Creek for a renovation or building a new house. If you are looking for a premier builder, Gray Stettinius with Tuckahoe Creek is for you. He has a keen eye for detail and fine sense of craftsmanship. Superb customer service and the subs are all of the finest quality and professionalism.

    Susan and Fred Russell

  • Tuckahoe Creek Construction has an outstanding reputation of recognizing the importance of being true and honest with all of their customers, whether it is a simple question or concern, or an extensive change to a customer’s home already in progress.

    Cleveland G. Humphrey, Jr. Humphrey Electric Co. Inc.

  • Very responsive, organized, and professional. Sets realistic expectations and cares a great deal about their clients. Extremely happy with the entire process.

    Patricia & Steve Clarke


Tuckahoe Creek Construction Solutions operates on a billable-hour basis, much like accountants, engineers, and attorneys. Our clients can consult with us for a single hour just to kick the tires on a project, or they can involve us extensively to look after their interests throughout the planning process. We typically don’t recommend our services for small projects, because our fee would likely be disproportionate to the value we add to the project. On larger projects, however, in addition to streamlining the process, we often identify sufficient savings to offset our fee and then some. Even without savings, our fee would typically represent less than 1% of the overall budget for a large project. At this time, we do not sell blocks of time, primarily because we want to earn our clients’ trust and business. If we cannot add sufficient value, we encourage discontinuation of our service.